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What do you do if your computer has a virus

In this article we will answer the following virus questions, how to tell if your pc has a virus and what do you do if your computer has a virus. How to get rid of a computer virus
 and how to remove viruses from your system?
There are a number of common symptoms between viruses and spywares. And if you feel that your system is infected, you need to diagnose the problem and cure it as soon as possible.

How to deal with viruses – Symptoms?
It is important to note that your computer might behave in an unusual manner but not have a virus. It is not necessary that computers behave strangely only when infected with viruses or spyware; it can be some other hardware or software problem as well. But if you suspect that your computer has been attacked by a virus or spyware, it is always better to diagnose it. Hackers have developed viruses and spyware which are difficult to detect. They do not make their presence visible, at all. The only way to find them is by running a complete system scan.

How to get rid of a computer virus – Signs of a virus infection:
In most of the cases, viruses do show signs of their existence and presence. It is easy to detect them and it is always recommended to cure your system as soon as possible and take precautionary measures next time. Here are some of the signs of virus infections:

  1. Viruses usually announce themselves.
  2. Your antivirus software gives you a warning.
  3. Your computer and internet speed gets slow.
  4. Your computer begins to crash often and behaves in an unusual manner.
  5. When you open an email attachment, strange things begin to happen.
  6. Antivirus programs get disabled automatically.
  7. Strange messages appear on screen and dialogue boxes appear.
  8. Installing an antivirus program becomes difficult, and even if you manage to install one, it does not run.
  9. Your contact list gets strange emails from your email id.
  10. New icons begin to appear on your PC desktop.
  11. Unexpected and strange sounds begin to play from speakers.
  12. Applications and software get deleted on their own.
  13. Windows do not start and display some error.
  14. You will receive messages regarding low memory of your PC, even if you have a lot of empty space on your hard disk.
  15. New applications do not install properly.
  16. You will receive disk errors.
  17. Microsoft Office products begin to crash.
  18. You will not be able to start the Windows Task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc will not open the task manager)

Sometimes viruses do not have any symptoms because they have been carefully designed and are only made for criminal purposes.

How to remove malware such as a virus, spyware, or rogue security software 
You will need malicious software-removal tools in order to get rid of viruses and spywares. Some viruses re install themselves when deleted once, so you will have to update our computer and use special virus removal software in order to delete the viruses permanently.

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