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What do you do if your computer has a virus

In this article we will answer the following virus questions, how to tell if your pc has a virus and what do you do if your computer has a virus. How to get rid of a computer virus
 and how to remove viruses from your system? There are a number of common symptoms between

Signs of a Computer Virus

Is your computer running very slowly?
 Do you see some random messages popping up on the screen or some applications starting automatically? These indications prove that your computer has been infected by a virus. It could also be a spyware or a malware. It is important to immediately get rid

Computer Virus? What You Need To Know!

Hackers have developed viruses and spyware which are difficult to detect. They do not make their presence visible, at all. The only way to find them is by running a complete system scan for all known computer viruses. Thousands of computers are infected each day without the knowledge of the

What happens when your computer gets a virus?

Computer viruses are frequently spread by attachments in email messages or by instant messaging messages. Therefore, you must never open an email attachment unless you know who sent the message or you are expecting the email attachment. Viruses can be disguised as attachments of funny images, greeting cards, or audio

Malware: Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Trojan horse and Worm

What is malware? Malware is software designed to take control and damage your computer.Malware is short for "malicious software". Malware is any kind of unwanted software that is installed without your consent. This includes viruses, spyware, worms, and trojan horses are examples of malicious software. Malware works to remain unnoticed, either by

Internet Safety or Online Safety? Stay Safe Online

Internet safety, or online safety, is the knowledge of the risk of illegal activity on the Internet. As the number of internet users continue to grow worldwide, internet safety is a growing concern. Common concerns regarding safety of the internet include Spam, Phishing, Cyber-bullying, Cyber-stalking, Malware and Computer Virus.Here are