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What do our customers think of our service?

Don’t take our word, read the customer testimonials from a few of our customers in Leeds. We pride ourselves on good customer service, quality of work and fair price, Leeds computer repair.
Computer Care were great, they came in late one evening to fix my broadband not working. Some virus or something made my Internet connection not work. They solved my problem, thank you.
Satisfied tech support customer from Meanwood, Leeds

Called out computer care Leeds to fix my old and broken Laptop, which was so slow and out dated. Computer Care, came back to our house a few times to fix my niggling problems, most of which was due to my own fault, not knowing how to use the Internet properly and causing problems for them to fix. Not charged for phone and the extra visits.
Laptop repair customer from Middleton, Leeds

My son and his software overloaded our desktop computer. One day it would not work any more, we called a few people before Computer Care came and solved the problem. We got a clean and tidy system that as been performing very well since that day, with Anti Virus software and firewall installed.
Computer repair customer from Gipton, Leeds

My laptop needed some Ram to make it run a bit faster, called Computer Care who got me some really cheap priced ram and installed it for me. Laptop now runs much faster and I’m a happy customer, well recommended.
Satisfied computer support customer from Beeston, Leeds

My computer is my lifeline to the outside world, I use it to stay in touch with my family. It was getting slow each day, so we picked out Computer Care from the phone book.  It took a few days, to fix but it was returned back with all problems fixed.
Satisfied desktop computer repair customer from Cottingley, Leeds