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Totally different to all that went before it, the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system now offers a full touchscreen experience that lets you tap and swipe your way through the different programs and applications, giving you access to everything you need in an instant.

Our Windows 8 set up service. We’ll first set up your new computer and then provide a 30-minute one-to-one tutorial covering everything you need to know to navigate your way around the Windows 8 system.  We’ll demonstrate the touchscreen gestures, show you the keyboard and mouse features and teach you the new shortcuts and hotspots that make getting around the system so much easier.

We’ll then show you how you can browse the web using Chrome and Explorer and an overview of all the main applications including mail, contacts and calendar.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start to explore the fun stuff, like how to download apps from the Windows store and how you can connect your friends together from different social networks. We’ll also answer any questions you may have along the way and provide you with access to our online guides in case you need a recap.

Windows-8 operating-system


  • Installation of new Windows 8 operating system software
  • Upgrade from Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2000
  • We will advice you regarding any upgrades such as computer ram or hard drive.


We install your chosen software for you in no time. Our service includes the following:

  • Checking the software’s compatibility with your computer
  • Advising you on any upgrades if needed
  • Installing the Windows 8 software and then updating it
  • Testing the software to ensure that it works perfectly

Don’t in struggle with software installations, our computer services will install and upgrade your Windows system.

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