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Our computer repair service in Leeds can set up your wifi or wired Internet network at home. Share your Internet files and printers as well as stream music, photos and videos to your games consoles along with smart phones.


  • Set up single device or home network
  • Connect the broadband to game console
  • Share printers, files or media files
  • Secure the network for privacy

Leeds computer maintenance are fully aware that nowadays our homes may have a lot of gadgets that let us browse the web, check emails, listen to music and watch videos or play games. They all connect to the Internet and social media like Facebook so we can share what we are doing. IT support in Leeds for home and business know that the best way to do this is connect all the gadgets to a wireless home network and then start sharing.

The ComputerCare team are great PC network support experts, we do computer repair Leeds. We can easily come to your home and set up the computers so that you can use the “connected” features of your gadgets.


Networks are needed because they permit you to share with other devices. Owning a wireless network in your home allows you to do the following:

  • All your computers will be able to access your broadband connection.
  • You will be able to share photos, videos, music or files between computers without USBs.
  • All your gaming consoles like Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii will connect to the internet and play online games.
  • You can print from any room of the house.
  • Allows connecting iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the Internet in order to stream videos, download stuff from iTunes and the App store or even browse the web with email.
  • The possibilities are limitless with a home network. You can just have the internet connection and we will do the rest.

Leeds computer maintenance and computer repair Leeds provide full computer support services. Our computer support service for home Network set up & IT Support service will take care of all the hassle with creating a network connection at your home or business. Here is how it will work:

Before we visit please check that:

  • You are at home and have confirmed to have us visit.
  • You have all the hardware, software and peripherals you’d like us to install.
  • You have arranged for all the cables
  • You have a broadband Internet connection all good for working
  • You know all your ISP account details, passwords and usernames.
  • Have the micro filters available (one for each device connected to your phone line).

When we visit we will:

  • Have a discussion about your requirements so that we can understand exactly what you need.
  • Set up and configure the devices you want.
  • ComputerCare Team member will show you how your network is working and answer all your questions.
  • Our great Advanced Network Set Up & Support service will set up or support up to 5 devices starting

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