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A fully Secure Removal of your old Data from the PC.
Do you want to get rid of your old hard drive or PC but do not know how to remove your computer data fully? We can do it for you! Our computer experts can fully wipe out data from your old hard drive or PC and remove everything permanently. It is very important to delete your personal files and folders permanently when discarding an old PC or hard drive because privacy is what matters the most.


  • Safely remove all data
  • Protect your privacy
  • We can also recycle your computer or hard drive

Every gadget has a certain years of useful life after which you want to either upgrade it or buy a new one. People usually give their old computers to friends or family or even throw it away if it gets very old. But the main problem, which arises here, is of your privacy. We have all heard of stories where personal data was stolen from an old hard drive, or banking information was copied from an old computer. It is always critical to wipe your hard drive clean and our data destruction service will do just that. This is where the ComputerCare team steps in to safely remove your data permanently with our Data Wipe and data destruction service. We use the latest technology in our Data Wipe service to securely erase all your personal data from your hard drive. We use government approved standards to remove data from old hard drives and computers to make sure that no one gets to misuse your personal information.

Important note
If you opt for this service, you should know that it would delete all your data, including all files and folders, permanently. So it is recommended that you keep a backup with you (please view our Data Transfer and Data Backup service).

We use the latest methods to remove your data and our service includes the following features:

  • A member from the ComputerCare team will have a chat with you to explain how the Data Wipe service works. The member will also answers queries and questions if you have any.
  •  We will use our special equipment to remove your data permanently, and after the data is deleted, it will never be recovered.
  • Your hard drive will be returned to you, like a clean slate, and you will be provided with a report, informing you that what has been done.
  • We also provide the facility of recycling the hard drives, in order to protect the environment.

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