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Moving your personal files from an old computer to a new shiny one is no more a problem. With the help of our data transfer services, you can easily transfer your computer files, personal photos, movies, music, videos and all sorts of other settings as well.


  • We will move all sorts of files and folders to your new PC
  • We will transfer media files as well as videos, pictures and music
  • Our service is Windows and Mac supported

from £30

A new system sounds exciting to everyone, but transferring files from your old PC to a new one is a tiresome job. Not only is the moving of files and folders boring, but it also kills the excitement of your new PC. After all, who wants to worry about the old files in the old computer when you have a brand new system right in front of you, waiting for you to start using it?

This is where ComputerCare team steps in with its Data Transfer Service. Our team can help you transfer all your data to your new pc in no time. We can move your Microsoft Windows files and your Apple Mac data as well.

Our Data Transfer service can move your data from your old:

  • Windows PC to your new Windows PC
  • Apple Mac to your new Apple Mac
  • Windows PC to your new Apple Mac
  • Apple Mac to your new Windows PC

Once you have ordered our Data Transfer service, all you need to do is sit back and start enjoying your new system. We will take care of the rest.

Our procedure is simple. At first, a ComputerCare Team Member will explain how the team will move the data. You will also have the opportunity to tell that team member which files you want to transfer from your Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows PC. Once the process is done, our team will inform you and will also provide you with a report which will mention the names of the files which would have been successfully transferred. Our experts will also show you the transferred files on your new system and will ask you to check them as well to make sure that they have been moved properly, and are working perfectly. We also provide the facility of transferring files to an external hard disk drive in case you are planning to install Windows on your Mac with the help of Boot Camp. If you have questions of any sort, we are happy to help

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