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Accidentally deleting important computer files can be very hurtful. But you do not need to worry anymore; our Data Recovery service uses the best and the latest technology to recover your deleted files from Apple Mac and Windows Computers.

data recovery


  • Recovery of deleted and lost files
  • Recovered files are copied on to DVD, USB drive or external hard drive.
  • Recycling of old hard drive
  • We support Windows and Apple Macs.

Everyone has loads of important stuff in his/her computer, memorable photos, and collection of movies, MP3 music files, office documents and what not.

Not everyone has a habit of keeping a regular and updated backup of all-important files. And it is a very common that our hard drives get corrupted due to long term usage and sometime due to computer viruses and we lose our important data. If you go through this unfortunate phase and do not have a backup either, you do not need to worry because we can still help you.

We can find damaged, deleted and lost files on Mac and Windows PC’s using the latest software.  Our Data Recovery service includes:

  • Our team member will chat with you and ask what files have been lost and which files do you need to recover.
  • We might have to send your hard drive to a lab in order to recover complete data. You will be informed about the cost of the entire process.
  • Your recovered files will be copied on a USB drive, external hard drive or a DVD.
  • Your old hard drive will be returned. We also offer the option of recycling hard drives if you are not willing to take it back with you.
  • We support Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows PCs.

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