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Use our PC & Apple Mac installation service in Leeds to save you the trouble. When one buys a new laptop or desktop computer, one is least bothered to hassle around with the security software, setting up network connects and fiddle with cables. All one wants is to begin exploring the new good stuff with the computer.

For this reason, our service offers to set up as well as personalize Apple Mac and Windows computer. This is inclusive of setting up the user accounts or email software as well as other devices such as printers or scanners that one buys with the computer.

We can give you assistant in getting the new Microsoft Windows desktop PC or Apple Mac to run exactly the way you would want. On your preference, you can also choose the in home service where your computer can set up according to you.

All you need is our Computer Set Up and Personalization service which you can use in order to set up your new computer according to your taste.

The service will be inclusive of the following:

Microsoft Windows

  • A consultation meeting with our ComputerCare Team member to list the details of how you’d like your computer to set up.
  • Unpack your computer and ensure everything is in the box.
  • Setting up Microsoft Windows 8 with other user accounts or passwords that you’d like.
  • Install after downloading Windows essentials which is free software from Microsoft to help you access your email and chat on Messenger, or edit pictures and videos.
  • Set up the email accounts for you in the email software.
  • Install and set up Internet security Software for your online protection.
  • Install available Windows Updates.
  • Set up Parental Controls so that your children are kept safe when they go online.
  • Help create the recovery discs for your computer which you can use to reinstall Windows in future.
  • Install all the hardware and software like mobile broadband dongles that you buy with the desktop.
  • Give you demonstration of important features and answer your questions.
  • Give a report that explains what is done and what settings were used.

Apple Mac computer installation in Leeds

apple mac support

  • A meeting with our ComputerCare Team member to know the details of the Mac settings you would like.
  • Unpack your Apple Mac and ensure everything is in the box.
  • Transfer all your old files to the new computer. If you want the files to move from a Windows PC then that will cost you extra.
  • Set up all your user accounts, email accounts and parents controls with passwords.
  • Install and configure any hardware or software you have gotten with the Mac like mobile broadband software.
  • Set up Facetime.
  • Demonstrate the new Mac and how it works along with answering your questions.
  • A full report of what is done.

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