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Computer repair Leeds will ensure these upgrades will help you with running the latest software without having to buy a new computer as they can help you use your computer in innovative ways. Leeds laptop repair, desktop Computer repair Leeds, with specilist Apple Mac repair, we do PC Repairs, data recovery, data wipe and data transfer. Our computer repair service for all new and old computers, we can upgrade your hard drive, graphics cards, wireless wifi and wired network cards, sound cards and extra computer memory.

computer repair Leeds


  • Upgrade your computer with extra RAM or Hard drive
  • Mac & Windows are covered
  • Secure recycling of all old parts

Since technology travels at a very fast pace, there is always something new that you can do with the computer, computer repair Leeds can advise you on the best options. New software or games will demand more from the present hardware and that can seem like a never ending list of things to keep up with.

The way you can handle all of this is through computer upgrade. Instead of going and buying a new computer, you can simply change a few things in your computer and go for faster parts, such as a new Solid State drive (SSD drive) that will increase your whole computer experience. You can add basic hardware such as a mobile broadband dongle to get wifi access all over the house, Leeds computer repair can fix old computers, repair laptop computers and Apple Macs.

The fantastic ComputerCare Team can give you simple, non-technical PC repair advice so that you can understand the best upgrade to add to your computer. We can install all of these upgrades for you easily. Computer repair and pc upgrades, laptop computer upgrades should not be painful or expensive.

We know that deciding what to upgrade can be very confusing, but we can help you make the right decision.

Popular upgrades include:

  • Printers allow you to create your photo albums with all the pictures you want
  • Use internet without Wi-Fi through mobile broadband dongles.
  • RAM to ensure Windows runs smother
  • Hard Drive for the storage of photos, documents and videos with music.
  • Graphics card for recent HD movies and games
  • Blu-Ray drive for watching Blu-Ray HD movies
  • Wireless Card for the connection of your home network without cables
  • Sound Card for people who love the best sound for music making
  • Hardware Install service is obtainable through local ComputerCare Service Bar by our Specialist Repair

Computer Hardware Install Service is inclusive of the following features:

  • A meeting with our ComputerCare Team member to know the details of what you will like to do with your computer and which hardware might work best with your new computer.
  • Give professional installation of all the hardware.
  • Give your computer a complete cleaning for the removal of dust that causes it to overheat.
  • Run tests to ensure that all hardware is running perfectly.
  • The team member will also show you how the new hardware is working and answer your questions.
  • All old parts of the computer will be recycled for you.
  • The hardware installation will be covered on a 12 month guarantee.

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